Introducing The Plane Rules!

Now Available on your desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet –; a clear and concise explanation of airline rules and policies at your fingertips. Additional rules and policies for America’s domestic airlines are being…
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Here we go again!

  At least three to four times a year some self-proclaimed consumer advocate surfaces to advise us on how badly the airlines treat us and how stupid we are to “take it”.    With Thanksgiving just around the corner,…
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Thanksgiving Travel Tip

The time of the year is here and anyone who has ever written anything about air travel is issuing their holiday travel tips. It’s time for mine too – and in keeping with my belief…
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How to get your complaint letter answered.

DATELINE: Minneapolis, January 18, 2014 When air travelers are unhappy, they seem to complain to everyone and anyone who will listen. Only a few, however, will take the time to write to the airline’s consumer…
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When I began my airline-travel career in 1968, airplanes were considered a luxurious way to travel and that approach was reflected in what travelers wore.  People would buy special clothing to “wear on the plane”.

In first class, women would wear dresses and most men wore a coat and tie.  The dress for coach/economy was usually a nice shirt or top and a pair of dress slacks (occasionally new or clean blue jeans from the younger travelers).  Shorts?  Very rare which usually elicited stares from the other passengers and crew.

Unfortunately, things changed and not to many years ago the dress code for air travel had degenerated into “wear anything” – and I mean anything!    Flip Flops on the feet were common and bare feet propped on the bulkhead wall were see all too often.  However, over the past few years, something has happened and the dress code for air travel has improved.  This improvement in dress seems to have coincided with increase in airfares.

With tickets costing more, people seem to be placing a higher “personal” value on the trip and are dressing accordingly.  Flying, while still mass transit, is more valued and therefore people are reflecting that in their dress.  It seems gone are the days of most flyers in sweatpants – thank goodness!

When you pay more for something, you value it more.  Hmmm maybe the airlines are onto something here.  Whatever the reason, I like the change.