Should the FAA Disconnect the Ban on In-Flight Cell Phone Use?

As a frequent flyer I have the opportunity to talk to a lot of different travelers and the latest hot topic on my last three overseas flights has been that of in-flight cell phone usage. I have talked to over 25 travelers and in all of those conversations I did not hear good things on this newly proposed deregulation. There was one person that felt it would be a good idea for emergency use only.

Source: CNA Traveler

Source: CNA Traveler

Personally I find the thought of listening to other people’s endless conversations while in flight to be rather annoying. It doesn’t matter where a passenger sits – first, business, or economy class, this new rule will affect EVERYONE with the disturbances that it is bound to cause. Do my fellow passengers or I care if you plan on picking up your dry cleaning on the way home from the airport? No. Do I need to hear about your health ailments? Your shopping list? Your play by play on the series finale of Breaking Bad? The answer that I feel most passengers will say is NO!

Flights are one of the opportunities that a person has in today’s technology laden society to “disconnect” – many use this time to read a book or magazine, get some work done on their laptops, catch a nap or the latest in flight movie. All of these things help to pass time while in-flight. Add an annoying cell phone user and the little bit of “disconnecting” that one is trying enjoy the best they can easily be disrupted. Everyone knows how annoying it can be at times to hear a crying baby or screaming child while on a flight – now we may have to add cell phone abusers to the plane nuisance list? One can at least muster some sort of compassion for the crying baby or unruly child but I don’t think that this will be the case for the cell phone users. I think that the FAA needs to take a closer look as to what we are really gaining here by allowing the use of cell phones in-flight. Does that girl in 15B really need to check in with her boyfriend one more time before landing or do the passengers as a whole have the right to peaceful flight?

What are your thoughts? Should the FAA lift the ban on cell phone use during flight?

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2 Responses to “Should the FAA Disconnect the Ban on In-Flight Cell Phone Use?”

  1. Dianna Says:

    Dec 06, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Absolutely not. Texting is ok but no talking. Just the thought of it gives me a headache.

  2. Natalia Says:

    Dec 09, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    Absolutely no phone calls – using media with headphones is ok. Glad somebody has been outspoken about this!

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